4.5″ deep pot

Maestro Idols: Lt Pink Parfait; Darko: Pink, Salmon, Velvet Red; Elanos: Blue, Bordeaux, Dazzling Pink, Deep Pink, Pastel Orange, Rose, Shocking Orange, Shocking Violet; Flower Fairy: Berry and Velvet; Patriot: Bright Red, Cherry Rose, Rosealinda, Salmon, White

Americana: Coral and Pink; Calliope: Dark Red, Magenta, Red, Burgundy, DarkRed w Dark Leaf, White; Mojo: Cranberry Splash and Hot Cherry; Exotica Coral Sunrise; Starry Pure White; Rocky Mountain: Dark Red, Deep Rose, Salmon, Violet

Mini cascade: Red and Pink; Dandy: Amethyst, Deep Red, White Pearl; Ivy League: Cherry Blossom


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